Our sales management process of hiring, training and motivating sales staff, coordinating operations across the sales department and implementing a cohesive sales strategy that drives business revenues has positioned us above the competition.

As the lifeblood of any business, managing sales process is one of the most important functions. Firlcom Network handles this process with high level of expertise to ensure that you get the best.

The sales force management process has changed dramatically in the past years and vast majority of sales take place online or over the phone instead of in person. And in response, our sales management system has not been left behind but has evolved to become more technologically sophisticated.

Our primary strategic role involves:

  • Setting goals for the sales team.
  • Formulating a sales management strategy to achieve those goals.
  • Executing that strategy while managing and motivating staff.
  • Evaluating and reporting on results of the strategy.

Our main focus here is to:

  • Increased sales revenue and profitability to our clients.
  • Improved sales forecast reliability, thereby reducing revenue variability.
  • Better satisfaction and loyalty both from customers and staff.
  • Reduced staff turnover and therefore reduced recruitment and retention costs
  • Increased productivity per staff member
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