Our Strengths


Firlcom Understands that the project of outsourced staff management requires an upfront investment and cash flow to run operations and pay salaries before the 30 to 45 day credit period by most clients expires.

We have over the years steadily developed our financial capacity that is backed by a very strong relationship with our banking partners.

We are comfortable handling projects valued up to 20 million Kenya shillings.

All our salaries and wages obligations have constantly been met on time.

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Empowered Workforce

We have a team of young energetic staff and are very focused in what we do, always striving to provide dedicated service to our clients with all directors being hands on in every project we carry out. We have a deliberate HR policy that empowers our staff through both institutional and on job training.

We focus on the strategy at hand by engaging our people to energize and drive them towards operational excellence (i.e. continuous improvement and business process engineering).

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Organization Structure

Firlcom understands intimately the organization structure for most corporate in Kenya, having built our business model on serving clients with a national outlook.

Having been part of the team during the crafting and implementation of many of our clients implementation of sales strategies, we completely appreciate the thinking and efficiencies that clients use to draw effective route to market plans.

We have therefore deliberately reorganized our staff structure to fit in well with client needs.

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Firlcom has within 5 and a half years demonstrated ability to grow and manage our clients business with an excellent performance track record. Without mentioning other clients Safaricom is a testimony of this fact.

The above growth and additional business as nonperforming agencies were exited is a clear indication of good performance.

Our growth is dependent on opportunity granted to us by our clients and we never take that opportunity for granted.


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“Passion will move men beyond themselves, beyond their shortcomings, beyond their failures.” Joseph Campbell

Our passion is in developing and building young people with the aim of changing lives of any one who gets in contact with our value chain process for our customers.

We have great conviction to succeed in what we do. All our directors are involved in the operational aspects of the Firllcom and therefore for an integral part of our business reengineering process.

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Our largest sales and business development unit consist of our happy and satisfied clients.

This has been seen by repeat andadditional business even internally in Safaricom.

Apart from providing TDRs and SOHO sales agents to Safaricom, our track record on similar jobs with other clients speaks for itself.

Apart from providing TDRs and SOHO sales agents to Safaricom, our track record on similar jobs with other clients speaks for itself.

  • Lenovo 1yr in the Kenyan market > 3% SOM
  • Nissin after 6months trade development 35% physical distribution
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